Learn Languages Abroad.

Condor Languages was established in 2010 and since then we have arranged language courses abroad for hundreds of people, of all ages and linguistic abilities (from beginners to very advanced students).

Available in English, Spanish & German.

Offering the most recognized and accredited language schools...

Condor Languages offers language courses in the most recognized and accredited language schools worldwide. If you are looking to get a good language level for your studies, work or just for fun, our partner schools will provide you the best quality.

...to create a supportive learning environment

Our experienced team only selects the best language schools from each country, those from which we receive the best feedback from clients. We also select the most attractive locations for our language schools, either those most popular for tourism or those which offer a safe and supportive atmosphere to our students.

Offering quality languages courses in more than 15 countries

All of the language schools that we work with have been established institutes for several years and are internationally recognised. To obtain accreditation, our partner schools must comply with strict regulations relating to school premises and facilities, teacher qualifications, teaching quality, admini- stration and welfare. They are regularly visited by inspectors.

Condor Languages represents a selection of language schools that have been carefully chosen for their reputation, popularity and quality of the courses they offer. Located in some of the most popular study destinations across the globe our partner schools offer a wide variety of language courses that will appeal to many different interest groups.

Our partners operate within the highest quality standards:
  • Rio de Janeiro

    Enjoy the rich culture and exciting activities that Brazil is known for while studying Portuguese in Rio. You can choose from several options, including surfing and cooking, to combine with your daily lessons.

    Learn Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro

  • Rome

    Study Italian in Rome, the Eternal city, the heart of one of the most ancient of civilisations, birthplace of so many of the peoples and cultures of our time.

    Learn Italian in Rome

  • Santiago de Chile

    In your attempts to master Spanish, you will meet many friendly Chileans who will encourage you and help you learn the best (and worst) words in Chilean Spanish.

    Learn Spanish in Santiago de Chile

  • New York

    New York is a fabulous place for learning the English language. This city is a great melting pot where all ethnicity are welcomed.

    Learn English in New York

  • Berlin

    Berlin has always been an exciting city, but since the German reunification in 1989, Berlin has developed into one of the most fascinating places in the world.

    Learn German in Berlin

  • Sydney

    The best thing when you learn English in Sydney is that you can get to study at some of Australia's leading universities and colleges.

    Learn English in Sydney

  • London

    There is something here for everyone. Europe’s biggest, most exciting, city is considered to be the centre of the world. London is one of the world’s greatest cities with lots of attractions waiting for you.

    Learn English in London

  • Paris

    Paris is one ultimate language travel destination. You will surely find yourself lost under the magic charm of the city’s acclaimed beauty, rich history, classy structural designs, delightful food and contagious romance.

    Learn French in Paris


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